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Why should I outsource?

Many companies make the mistake of just comparing the basic cost of a salary against an agency’s daily rate. What’s often forgotten are the many ‘hidden’ costs – such as recruitment and training, holiday pay, sickness, National Insurance and telephone outlay. Significantly, what is often omitted is how much more efficient an outsourced solution is compared to an internal function.

Research shows that outsourced telemarketeers can operate at up to 50% higher productivity than an internal function. Telemarketing companies are skilled in motivating operatives and offering effective incentive programmes, as well frequent group and individual training sessions. This takes the intensive day-to-day management of a telemarketing team away from your company.

So, why is outsourcing more efficient?

In addition to the reduced cost factor, as detailed above, operatives will be totally dedicated to your project, ie no interruptions from daily tasks, incoming calls or general administration.

Why should I use Main Marketing rather than anyone else?

Main Marketing tailors each campaign to the client’s exact requirements. We only employ permanent staff who are trained on a continual basis – including Solution Selling methodology. This means we can target companies and speak to them about business issues – PAINS – as well as the usual telemarketing product approach. Sometimes, a combination of both approaches works well.

Why would I need a list cleaning service?

Data is ineffective unless it is accurate. How can you target your marketing effort if the detail in your database is inaccurate? An up-to-date list is vital in maintaining your professional company image. A properly updated and cleansed database is a massively valuable resource should you wish to conduct any data driven marketing campaigns.

Who does the data belong to?

All data belongs to you – that includes cleaned data where no Decision-Maker Contact has been spoken to, as well as all information gathered during the campaign.

How do I get the data back?

Main Marketing can download data in whatever format is convenient for you – an Access Database, Excel spreadsheet, Word or tab-delimited. Leads can be downloaded within minutes of the call being completed. All reporting facilities are built into the database and are ‘real-time’.

What about importing the data into my own CRM system?

Main Marketing designs a database specifically for each project – we can match the fields to your own CRM system for ease of data transfer.

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