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Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Main Marketing offer 2 types of telemarketing campaign

The solution call is excellent for more of an depth call talking about business issues and targeting a high level contact within a company.

The standard lead gen call guarantees a specific number of Decision Maker Contact conversations per man day and is geared towards a standard product / service or to generate attendees for an event.

We will generate leads for your company within specified criteria. Leads generated are fully qualified, with confirmation that the prospect will consider your company for their requirement, and include current company and system details as well as all future plans.

Lead Nurturing

We can continually work records in your database; contacting Decision-Makers on a regular basis (as and when agreed with them) developing relationships, raising market awareness and progressing companies to a ‘Hot Lead’ Status before passing them back to your Sales Team.

As part of the standard Lead Generation Service all calls made include a Brief Company Profile.

The BCP can also be offered as an individual service – to qualify mailshots or cleanse databases.

The standard BCP includes

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